Brave Media (est. 2012) is a Sydney-based, purpose-driven consultancy specialising in strategic marketing communications, committed to social impact imperatives. At the heart of Brave Media’s business is the motivation to produce high calibre creative solutions—fostering authenticity, originality, quality, trust and geared towards industry leadership and a deeper level of brand engagement for our clients. Beyond the core creative business, Brave Media strives to innovate and diversify through interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships across sectors, to create bold and memorable campaigns, projects and events which strive to engage, inform, inspire and resonate with the imagination and actions of the audience we seek to reach. Brave Media is a proactive and globally connected outfit, which prides itself in supporting and amplifying the efforts of brave ones who deeply inspire us.


Some of our past and present collaborations


Creative direction
Production management
Project management
Impact producing
Media liaison
Strategic marketing communications
Brand development & governance
Business development
Campaign development
Account management
Event coordination
Digital media & Graphic design
Packaging design & artwork production
Video/film production

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